WOW: Homeless Pit Bull Rescued From Near-Death Highway Accident!

We’ve covered the subject of homeless animals a number of times here at Viral, but usually these were in situations where the animal was slowly dying away due to a lack of nutrition and shelter. Even though their days were bleak, they were in no immediate danger. It gets much harder to rescue an animal from an urgently dangerous situation because you can’t talk to them and rationalize with them the way you can with a human. They are still animals who don’t communicate our language, so extra precautions have to be taken to ensure they don’t accidentally injure or kill themselves.

That is exactly what happened with Veyron the homeless pit bull. He had been homeless for a while, but recently sought refuge on a busy L.A. freeway. When Hope for Paws members tried to rescue him, they were very cautious about how they rescued him – one drop from him down into the blazing-fast traffic and his life would be over in a second.

Even though the dog was shaking in absolute fear, he was still able to be rescued by the team and escape from the situation unharmed. Since that incident, he has made an incredible transformation in his demeanour and he is currently waiting for a loving family to take him in.

Please remember that these organizations are trained professionals in dealing with stray animals. You are NOT advised to try this on local stray animals in similarly dangerous situations!

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