Neurolace is the Secret Weapon to Improve Your Golf Game

golf swing

Having issues with hitting your drives over 200 yards? What about coming up short on your short approach shots? No surprise, nearly every golfer out there from amateurs to professionals struggle everyday to be consistent. While “practice makes perfect”, it cannot make up for the shortcomings that occur within your mind. There is a reason as to why there has been a exponential increase in the use of nootropic formulas in the PGA year after year.

What are nootropics? They are smart drugs that enhance your mental functions. Jack Nickalaus once said “Gold is 80% mental, 10% ability, 10% luck.” Mental being a major player in an athletes’ life isn’t only exclusive to the game of golf but nearly in every single sport. Unfortunately when it comes to practicing, you can improve your actual physical abilities to perform on the grass, but it is very difficult to improve your mental game. This is exactly why nootropic stacks such as Neurolace have been greatly favored for the past few years. A smart drug that is ingested once a day that greatly enhances game almost instantly.

In the points below, we discuss 7 reasons why Neurolace is a must-have for every golfer who’s looking to improve their game.

1. Learn From Your Mistakes

To be a successful golfer you must acknowledge your mistakes and amend them. Golf is a muscle memory sport and nootropic such as Huperzine A enhances your memory and learning performance. Instead of spending days fixing your swing, this nootropic will amend your swing within hours.

2. Improve Your Mood

It’s tough to shoot a great score when you’re feeling down. Waking up on the wrong side of the bed will definitely affect your golf game later that day. Nootroopics target your serotonin and dopamine levels which are responsible for how good you feel at that specific moment. The happier you feel, the better you will perform.

3. Laser Sharp Focus

Is the sun in your face? Too much noise around? It’s difficult to have a good score when everything around you is distracting you. A nootropic known as Rhodiola Rosea will help in maintaining your focus on the game. This is the perfect time to have tunnel vision.

4. Confident in Your Ability

When we golf, we know how we are supposed to swing, but when we actually swing, our body decides otherwise. It’s not fair that tell our body to one thing, but it does the other. This is why the nootropic known as Phenibut is a big favorite. This nootropic helps with proper functioning of your neurotransmitter.

5. Keep Your Head in The Game

How often does it happen that we start out a game remarkably well but then begin to play poorly by the 10th hole? It’s no secret that we get tired over time. Sulbutiamine becomes our friend here. It is responsible for improving the brain’s utilization of glucose, which in return increases our energy production.

6. Think Quicker on Your Feet

Golf at times is a fast paced game. Taking too long deciding on your shot tends to frustrate your competition. The nootropic Caffeine is meant to specifically target your mental alertness. You’ll be much quicker at evaluating your next shot.

7. Destroy Stress

It’s tough to shoot for a great score when you have financial problems on you mind, or if your wife is upset at you at home. This is why a nootropic such as L-Theanine is taken religiously by many golfers. L-Theanine regulates your cortisol which protects your brain from oxidative stress, in return minimizing your perception of stress.